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High Quality, Ecologic and affordable 3D Printing.

Blueshark Studio Factory is an established business that offers high quality 3D printing for miniatures, busts, visual and rapid prototyping for mechanical or testing parts.
Our clients range from the Miniatures and Diorama Fans to Auto and Medical Industries and from different parts of the globe.
We only use high quality resins and filaments with the low ecological impact on our production and we are proud of our customer service.

3D Printing

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Rapid Prototyping


What We Can do for You

3D Printing

We offer a simple way to print your models in high resolution.
No need to buy a 3D Printer or handle dangerous materials and processes we do it for you, if you have the file we can print it.

High Quality Materials

We only use high quality Resins and high quality PLA or PTEG Filaments. A wide range of colors can be achieved in Resins using CMYK pigmentation. We have in storage some filament colors too. Just ask for it.

Model Handeling

We will handle your 3D Model, fix and support it if beeded.
The file is yours once we've print it, pack and send or deliver we will delete all files and never use it again.

Special Materials

We can Print and handle several special resins and filaments. For example flexible, hardened , glow in the dark, etc, just drop us a line about your needs.

Laser Cut

If you have a cut file we can cut it up to 700x500mm and in a variety of materials, we usually have in stoke MDF, Plywood and some acrylics from 2mm to 10mm

Rapid Prototyping

You need a 2D or 3D Part Designed or prototyped? Talk to us we have built in the past many parts from mobility to medical applications.


For a fee we can add some finishes to your model or part, sanding, hole filling, priming, priming and even some of our artist friends can paint it for you.

Protective Packaging

Depending on your model fragility, will be send in a combination of foam layers and hard packaging.

Fast Shipping

We will allways send in registered express Mail. Large or expensive orders will have insurance,

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Resin Printing

Miniature Printing

Rapid Prototyping

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Resin Printing

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Rapid Prototyping

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Rapid Prototyping

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Rapid Prototyping

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